Our mission at Nintendo of America is to create smiles through unique entertainment experiences. To do so, we work to ensure that our business practices support all of our CSR priority areas. Delivering smiles isn’t just a product or service—it’s the entire process and everyone involved, including our consumers, business partners, and employees throughout the Americas.

Our work over the past year builds on CSR initiatives that prioritize our workforce, our communities, and our environmental footprint.

We believe it is vital that our employees have access to services and tools that promote their physical and mental well-being, including childcare support, virtual health services, online fitness programs, and flexible work hours. Our ongoing partnership with Starlight Children’s Foundation is another way we strive to realize our mission, delivering smiles to seriously ill kids and their families through thousands of Starlight Gaming stations located at hundreds of hospitals across North America. And our Sustainability Committee’s efforts continue to expand—we now use 100 percent renewable energy for our Pacific Northwest offices and shipping facilities, and also participate in carbon-balance programs and other CO2 emissions reduction activities that promote the health of our planet.

As our work continues, so do our commitments to all those we serve, in everything we do. At Nintendo of America, we will always strive to create experiences—both in our workplaces and the communities we serve—that are welcoming to all.

Please take a moment to read more about our work below, and thank you for your interest and time.

Doug Bowser

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