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Get weird with your Fuse combos in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom!

In the Legend of Zelda™: Tears of the Kingdom game, fusing materials to your weapons and shields can create imaginative combos that are super useful in combat and exploration. The fused equipment in this article … are not quite that.

But you know what? If there’s one thing we know about this game, it’s that people can find uses for the strangest things. Consider this a reminder that you should try fusing anything and everything that strikes your fancy. You may be surprised at the results!

Wooden-Mop Shield

Shield yourself from spills with some spotless defense. Fighting Ganondorf’s minions can get messy, so here’s something to assist you while wiping the floor with them.

Soup-Ladle Bones

What’s better than having an extra hand in a fight? Having a spoon at arm’s reach! While this won’t help you cook, you can still call it the ultimate soup bone.

Food Arrows (Various)

Sometimes it’s more fun to play with your food. It’s been said that these arrows can distract enemies with voracious appetites, but let’s be real—it’s also just funny to hit a monster with an apple.

Bomb-Flower Shield

The best defense is … not having a Bomb Flower fused to it! While your shield will protect you from the blast, it’s also a fast way to destroy a low-level shield. Hmm, what would happen if you Shield Surf* with it though …?

(*To Shield Surf, first ready your shield with the ZL Button. Then, jump with the X Button and press the A Button mid-air to hop on.)

If you’d like to purchase the game, please visit the link below. Have fun out there!